5 Simple Ways to Live Healthy

Each of us has always wanted to become healthy and to live a life that will make us productive and useful. And to be able to make the healthy choices that will govern our body and life is an accomplishment that is worth pursuing for. In fact, choosing correctly is the main ingredient in order to live a healthy and long life. To some extent, we are responsible in controlling over our own bodies so that we will be able to live the life that is meant to be lived.

Doing a personal self-check to see that we are doing only the right things in our body will be helpful in avoiding those things that will be doing us nothing but the reverse. Lifestyle and habit check in order to see how fatigue we are can also be helpful. Remember that fatigue and living a sedentary life can be detrimental for us. Listed below are five of the simple things we can try to do so that we may be able to live healthy and long.

#1. Always try and breathe in the freshest air you can breathe. And it would be wise to be a nonsmoker if you want to achieve this step. Get a lot of fresh outdoor air. Do not keep on spending most of your hours, if not your entire life, indoors. Go out from time to time. When you can find a few minutes away from your office, then do it. Getting the fresh air outdoors can be beneficial to your health, and sadly enough, we tend to overlook this factor so much.

#2. Our body needs all the water we can give it. If you are not fond of drinking plain water, chances are you will spend most of your life in the dehydration stage, and this is very unhealthy. If you can drink 6-8 important glasses a day every day, aside from the coffee, soft drinks, or tea that you are consuming, then you are on the right track. Adding more water to your daily routine and regimen will help you really feel better and will give you the energy you definitely need.

#3. If you are getting enough water, it is also a must that you get ample sleep. Ample in the sense that you have to get at least 6-7 hours of it. Getting a good night’s sleep is still one of the major keys to essential help. But it is also better to take note that aside from getting a good night’s sleep make sure also that you get the right amount of that sleep. There are researches that conclude that those people who sleep for 6-7 hours are healthier compared to those who do at more than 8 hours or less than 4, respectively.

#4. Consume foods that are high in fiber. These foods had been proven to help reduce high blood pressure, in your attempt to avoid high blood sugar, and at the same time a big help in wastes elimination. Eating enough sources of fruits and vegetables will also be a huge step in becoming healthy. Some Americans have the bad habit of not eating the proper amount of fruits and veggies; this is something negative that will definitely have an adverse in the health. Let us also include in this tip the avoidance of alcohol consumption. It is okay to drink alcohol but having and restricting it to one drink a day can still be good. Another negative effect will certainly make your body unhealthy will happen when you consume more than 2 drinks a day.

#5. Of course, let us not forget the power of exercising. Those who work out regularly have been proven to be in the right track of living healthy and long. Take note that exercising plays a great part in attaining an overall good condition in our health.

These five tips here are just some of the basics that you can try to consider and do. There are still a lot more that can be done in order to achieve a healthy and long life. But remember that you don’t have to change your lifestyle drastically and completely all at once. Take it one step at a time, and if it is already a habit, then it will be good to go and proceed to the next steps. In reality, the simple steps we take can prove to be the better ones as we go on with our lives.

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Top 5 reasons you should live healthy

Article by Robin Chung

For some years now a lot of attention has gone to areas that have taken a backseat in the past. Think of the environment and the push to live green. But since the 80s the medical department has made big jumps and we now know a lot of ways to live healthier and enhance our lives. But why should you? Here are 5 reasons.

5. It’s easy
Believe it or not but it’s easy to live healthy. The reason for this is because it’s a lifestyle choice and not a limitation per se. After about a week of living healthy the body and mind adjusts in a way that we wouldn’t want to go to the old ways.
A healthy portion of exercise and nutritious foods should always be on your mind. It’s not hard, just takes some getting used to.

4. Bragging rights
A healthy diet and enough exercise can help your muscles grow. Finally you can be that buff person from the movies, you know the one that gets the girl but than loses her to a smart guy with feelings. This is definitely a reason people should want to go healthy.

3. It’s cool in a different way
This point is perhaps arguable but living healthy is a cool thing these days. Isn’t it great to be different? Go to school and collect an Apple from the cafeteria instead of those insane portions of cheeseburgers. It will get some heads turning occasionally believe me. So attention seekers, go to the green side of the plate.

2. It’s cheap
It can be a cheaper life style than the one you have now. If you’re a smoker and a heavy drinker, lose those things and it can save thousands of dollars on year basis. And even for more common lifestyles it can save money because living healthy means eating “when you’re hungry”. I dare to bet that your shopping chart will be lighter to push. And not just because of the thicker biceps!

1. It enhances your life
How could this reason not win? Basically every aspect of your life -apart from some social gatherings perhaps- becomes better. You’ll have more strength and feel more energized, this results in more productivity. All in all it leads to more happiness in your life. And with that in mind it’s worth extending that life by making the right choices.

So those are the 5 main benefits you’ll enjoy by adopting a healthier lifestyle. There’re more but these are the ones that will spring to mind for most on the fence. Let me help you make the decision. And remember if you don’t like in you can always go back.

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