Perfect Salad, BBQ & Serving 9″&12″ Silicone Tongs Set By Healthy Trendz And Baking Mat

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Silicone Tipped Stainless Steel Quality Tongs Set by Healthy Trendz -   was  $34.95

BPA Free Silicone Baking Mat by Healthy Trendz    -  was $20.00

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Only  $19.95 For Complete 3-piece set!


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Perfect Salad, BBQ, Serving 9″&12″ Silicone

Tongs And Baking Mat By Healthy Trendz -

Full 3 Piece Set

5.0 out of 5 stars  2 customer reviews

  • Use Healthy Trendz Tongs to Grill and turn lobster, salmon, shrimp, vegetables, asparagus…toss salads, stir sautes, serve fruit, vegetables, meats, chicken, fish, pasta salad, and even pick up a single grape with these amazing state of the art tongs!
  • ★ Non-Stick BPA Free Silicone Covered Clam-Shell Shaped Stainless Steel Tips Are Stain And Odor Resistant, Non Detachable Steel Heads Are Coated In Silicone So Nowhere For Germs To Grow.
  • ★ Ergonomic Silicone Grip Handles Are Comfortable In Your Hand And Won’t Slip No Matter How Greasy The Food. Keeps foods at a safe distance to keep your hands from getting burnt.
  • ★ Can Withstand (-40c) To 482 Degrees Fahrenheit (250c) Which Makes Healthy Trendz Tongs Great For Both Frozen And Hot Foods!
  • ★ Extra Thick 1.00mm Stainless Steel For Strong, Rust-Resistance. Strong, Well Built Spring & Locking Mechanism Won’t Flop Open And Closed While You’re Using Your Tongs. To Open Tongs Just Push In The Silicone Coated Ring On Top Of Your Tong. To Close Just Squeeze Tong Together And Pull Out The Silicone Coated Ring.
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Product Description


Healthy Trendz Baking Mat is a Welcome addition to this offer and is 100% Silicone BPA Free and FDA Approved Food Safe.Silicone Baking Mats have been used by professional Chefs for a long time and only recently has the public realized the incredible magic that makes your baking so much more even and cleanup so much easier! If you don’t like scraping food off of dirty baking dishes and cookie sheets, you are going to love this Silicone Baking Mat which is 11.81″ X 15.75″ . You just place one on your baking pan or cookie sheet before you start baking! You don’t need any oils, cooking sprays or butter and you save lots of money on parchment paper and cooking sprays because you don’t need them with Healthy Trendz silicone bakeware baking mat! You can use them for everything from cookies and candies to vegetables, potatoes, fish & seafood, meats, chicken, handmade folded mini- pies, roasts, parmesan cheese baskets, etc. Your foods will not stick to the mat so you don’t damage your food which means your food presentation will be stellar! ★ This is for oven use and features Non-toxic, Eco-friendly 100% FDA Approved Food Grade and BPA Free Silicone. ★ Clean Up is easy with your new baking mat. Clean with hot soapy water and a soft sponge and stand up to drip dry. It can be rolled if you want and it will straighten back out. You won’t have any pans to scrape anymore! ★ The Healthy Trendz Baking Mat can withstand (-40c) to 482 Degrees Fahrenheit in your oven. ★ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or we will refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked. Healthy Trendz is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, and an outstanding  shopping experience is our top priority! This item’s packaging will indicate what is inside. This Set Makes A Very Nice Gift For Any Occasion. So With Complete Confidence That You Are Getting The Very Best Value And Knowing That We Stand Behind Our Products, You’ll Be Glad You Clicked On The Buy Now Button At The Bottom Left.

ONLY $19.95  for Salad/BBQ Tongs And  Baking Mat  Set  – You’ll Get 3 Pieces In This Set!

Customer Reviews –
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5.0 out of 5 starsWonderful to use!
By Barbara Marshall on September 22, 2016
Color: Black 

Received these as a gift and have been delighted. Tongs are so comfortable, easy to use and clean. Love the lock to save room in the drawer. Baking mat makes clean up a cinch, no scrubbing. Have used it for roasting pork as well as vegetables. I also appreciate the safety of both products, for health and for the environment. Highly recommend both products.
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Color: Black 

These are remarkable products! I love having tongs that I can use to turn things in the oven without worrying about marking or bruising the food. The edges that touch the food are as soft as rubber, but can withstand heat so much better. When frying, I often had food slip out of metal tongs, but these really grip without marking or bruising. Water never gets trapped between the parts either, because they are dipped into the silicon when manufactured so there is a complete seal. And they are so comfortable to hold. Even when my hands may get greasy, the grips on the handles give me assurance that nothing is going to slip. Having two sizes is nice, too! I can reach into a hot oven and turn food without having to pull the oven rack all the way out because the long tongs are a great size. The short ones are perfect for serving salad. They are both functional and attractive enough for serving. You have probably guessed that these are the best tongs I’ve ever used! Of course, the mat that came with the order is also great. Keeps my cookie sheet clean when baking anything in the oven, and it makes a nice trivet, too, it’s that attractive. Seller was great to work with, met every promise made on the site.