What Is True Beauty?

What Is True Beauty?   Everyone is beautiful!  God made each person with unique features and characteristics, and when you want to get to true beauty……….you’ll find that it is tied to happiness and the pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of your heart.  When you do the things that create happiness, you become happy, and when you look into the mirror and see yourself smiling, and your eyes lit up, you are going to realize that you ARE beautiful.  The things that create true beauty are the selfless things like doing something to help somebody, or giving someone a gift, or saying a kind word to someone, and these are the things that make you feel better about yourself, and when you do these, you will see your true “inner” beauty come out.  It’s when you live from your heart, that you learn who you are, and then no man can bind you, and put you under emotional bondage which causes stress on your body and mind and causes you to not see yourself as beautiful.   It is wise to get out from under what are considered “toxic” relationships that damage your self esteem and are abusive emotionally.  When you get around someone, and you go away feeling bad, angry, belittled, etc. , these could be classified as “toxic” relationships.  You won’t believe it, but these kinds of relationships damage your body and cause all kinds of manifestations of sickness and disease if you are around it long enough.  It can cause indigestion, asthma, heart problems, clogged arteries, and worst of all….it causes a person to behave with self-destructive behaviors.  Maybe a person feels compelled to drink, or to take drugs to escape from this abuse and energy that makes you feel bad.  This becomes a habit, and only covers up the true problem, so be like Shrek and peel back the layers of the onion, and get down to the REAL issue.  Maybe you could join a group of people who are doing something that you think you might enjoy such as art or craft classes, gardening classes, cooking classes, museum tours, etc. and get around people who are interested in some of the same things and form friendships.  You will see that some people you get around make you feel good and actually bring out the best in you.  Start getting around more of these kinds of people and you will start feeling better about yourself, and you will see that you DON’T need to stay in “toxic” relationships.  Life is too short for this.  Remember, this is the TRUE beauty which is within yourself, and after that, you can put on a little powder or whatever to enhance your best features and feel even prettier.  I hope this has been a help to you, and I would be interested in any of your comments and encourage you to post them.  God Bless….You Are Beautiful!