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Now that bikini season is upon us, every woman wants to be able to put on a bikini or swimsuit and feel good about her body image.  Every woman can be the best that she can be in health, looks and beauty by following tried and true beauty and health regimens. If per chance a woman has put on a little bit of weight over the winter…this is considered normal, because one’s diet changes in the winter and heartier dishes are served. Now that summer is here, it is a time of year when lighter meals are desired. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, granolas, fish, chicken dishes and lots of liquids are what the body craves. The fastest way to get in shape is by getting your body to burn the calories that you take in, kind of like a furnace burning fat. The way you create this effect in your metabolism is by eating several small meals throughout the day, which keeps your energy going, and also prevents you from grabbing foodless foods like doughnuts, candy bars, sodas, etc. because you feel like you are going to faint from not eating. You don’t need empty (of nutrients) calories, because that defeats what you are trying to accomplish which is beauty, health, energy to make it through the day, and overall feeling good about yourself and being happy. For more step by step nutrition tips and weight control secrets,  go here for great health products! —> Go HERE!

Natural Beauty Treatment Ideas

Natural Beauty Is A Combination Of Natural Beauty Care Regimens, Good Nutrition And Definitely Physical Exertion

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If you are talking about beauty and beauty tips, then try not to go for the cosmetics and artificial treatments. To enhance your natural beauty you need to use natural products and treatments. So, get a glowing skin and healthy body naturally!

The Natural Beauty Tips and advice caters to your body care, skin care, hair care, eye care, nail care and also provide solutions to many skin disorders in the natural way. Your natural beauty would not only reflect a beautiful personality, but it also shows your healthy body. Daily use of natural products softens your skin and helps you get a pair of sparkling eyes. Natural hair products are also available to make your hair soft and silky.

Today there are a range of beauty products meant for both men and women. These make your skin clearer and wrinkles free. Natural products do not contain any harmful chemicals and solves every problem of your skin.

Natural beauty can be regained by using the natural home remedies. You can make use of the common available vegetables, herbs and fruits to maintain healthy skin and cure skin problems. You can make a juice, extract powder or paste out of these products and apply it to your skin. These include simple methods without any side effects or chemicals.

You can use natural things like herbs, petals, roots, fruits, leaves and vegetables for the beauty preparations. Pampering is a beautiful and rewarding experience. And this experience can be enhanced by doing it at your cozy homes. All-natural beauty products can be prepared in the comfort of your own home.

Such homemade natural beauty recipes include:

Aphrodite Apple Mask
Rose Cream for Day Use
Almonds – A Treatment for the Hands
Refreshing Orange Scrub
Cucumber Hair Drench
Rosemary Honey Olive Oil Hair Conditioner
Cucumber – Honey Toner
Avocado Carrot Cream Mask
Rose Eye Wash for Sore, Tired or Irritated Eyes
Hair Spray for Fine Hair
SharAmbrosia Honey Almond Scrub
Rose Oil and Honey Facial Mask
SharAmbrosia Chamomile Lip Balm
Invigorating Coffee Scrub
Thyme and Fennel Seed Cleanser
Peach Lotion (For Dry or Normal Skin)
Ginger Skin Creme
SharAmbrosia Banana Facial Masque
Goddess Yogurt Body Mask
SharAmbrosia Kelp Firming Masque
Kiwi Facial Cleanser
Spa Index Papaya Pumpkin Facial
Lavender/Rosemary Hair Oil
Spa Index Lavender Hand and Foot Wash
Lavender – Honey Milk Bath
Strawberry Cream (For Oily or Normal Skin)
Marigold Face Mask
Sumptuous Rose Bath
Lemon Mint Elbow Bleach
Strawberry Hand and Foot Exfoliant
Night-Time Rose Creamy Lotion
Yogurt – Honey Mask
Orange – Citrus Bath Herbs

With these homemade beauty tips, you can look forward to enjoy your natural beauty for sure!

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Catwalk To College: Makeup Beauty Tips For College Girls

Lakmé Fashion Week 2010 is just round the corner and the fashion industry is gearing up for another blast of pure beauty, indulgence and style. Names such as Tamara Moss, Simran Kaur Mundi, Nethra Raghuraman and Alesia Raut adorn the participant list for this event. Let us decode some of the make-up ideas from these models that you can wear too.

Classic make-up

The classic make-up is timeless, fresh and beautiful. This is a versatile look and is frequently seen on the catwalk. It gives an effect of fresh dewy complexion.


(See Beauty Kit for recommendations)
•    To achieve a flawless classic look, apply a light-weight, loose mineral powder foundation or tinted moisturiser. Set it with compact powder.
•    Create a healthy glow on the cheeks by applying powder blush in coral peach or subtle pink. Apply it to the apples of the cheek and to the cheekbones for a more defined look.
•    Powder blush stays longer so avoid cream blushes.
•    Keep the lips neutral. Stick to the shades of pinkish browns or nudes. Lighter shades of pink will also help you attain a natural look.
•    Give your eyes a soft smoky effect, using light browns or very light shades till the brow line. The eyeliner should not have a definite shape, so try to smudge the line close to the lashes. Apply a little mascara to open up the eyes.

No make-up look

The no make-up is a quick and on-the go look. This look has become popular on the catwalk recently. It gives an effect of a luminescent complexion.


•    For this look, apply a liquid foundation and then correct all the flaws with a concealer or a corrector. Berzin Irani* suggests that an under eye concealer is absolutely essential.
•    To set the foundation, dust some face powder or a loose mineral powder.
•    Apply very little powder blush in plum or pink.
•    Highlight the cheekbones to create creating a chiseled look.
•    Keep the lips luminous by applying gloss in shades of pink or plum. Highlight the softness and suppleness of your lips.
•    The eyeliner should have a definite shape and try to use brown or blackish brown shades. Apply eye-shadow in shades of browns or chocolates and end with a little mascara to open up the eyes.

Femme fatale look

The Femme fatale make up look is timeless, beautiful and glamorous. This is a popular vintage look on the catwalk. It is an appropriate party or night time look.


•    To achieve the Femme Fatale look, apply a liquid foundation and then correct all the flaws with a concealer or a corrector. Set the make-up with loose mineral powder.
•    Add definition and subtle highlights to the cheekbones with sculpting powder or a blush in browns or darker shades.
•    Create a ‘vampish’ pout. Stick to the shades of reds and plums to make your lips stand out with bold colours.
•    This look is high on drama, so the eyes should be bold and seductive. Use pastel shades to create a smoky eye. Use dark eyeliner to line near the lashes. Create voluminous eye lashes with two-three coats of mascara. The brows should be well defined as well. Kohl or kajal can be applied to define the eyes well.

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Accumulation of waste toxins sedimentation caused by human aging disease prone less support through maintenance of law outside of fasting whole body system can be adjusted to improve the internal environment of toxins from the body And toxins that the body after ByeBye healthier skin and more glorious and even good old face is young Beauty beauty life of nine kinds of slow detoxification good ingredients lt lt lt lt Beauty beautiful skin care Alchemy night hours lt lt lt lt Health reminder winter hair loss how to do Adjusted amount of vitamin B2 plus lt lt lt lt Lose weight lose weight in winter and most effective method of five thin abdominal lt lt lt lt Slimming Weight Loss Five Note users to decrypt the 11 actual weight loss methods Fresh off the best natural detoxification therapy periodically do a general quot clean up quot Detoxification has been a hot topic in women 39 s skin dark skin acne pigmentation freckles fine lines have plagued the modern woman Biotherm founder skin expert Lucian Aubert that cause the skin produce too much melanin causing dark spots dull the root causes of problems are quot poison quot Air pollution skin care products in the chemical composition ultraviolet radiation and Diet Intake is caused by internal toxins skin color is not good feeling bad culprit Modern habit of quot treating the head gap quot the skin is not good paint Foundation pale and trembling on the paint on the rouge it ignores the internal recuperation In fact you want to be fair tender and smooth skin clean fresh start from the off Because skin cells need to metabolism the cellular metabolism and cell regeneration process if the death and regeneration of cells to maintain balance body and face will stay young Fresh off in the process the process of accelerating the discharge of dead cells cell regeneration also accelerated Fresh off a week stool will be completely discharged naturally within the body can improve circulation and endocrine Therefore fasting is the best natural detoxification therapy periodically do a whole body of quot cleaning quot completely clean quot position quot to improve the environment within the human body can play a role in skin care beauty from the inside out people up Test you need to detox off eating it A limb pain after the morning fatigue sleep feeling like the same fight 5 B early in the morning combing the hair found on a hair comb can be quite a few buses 5 C suffering from rheumatism Of 10 points D abdominal fat on waist 10 E daily morning not defecation frequent constipation or abdominal pain 10 F respiratory easy quot lit quot often feel the mouth odor 5 G looking dull dull lack luster yellow gas weight 10 H seasonal pruritus often feel 5 I work 2 hours after the body will feel fatigue chest tightness shortness of breath 5 J mental stress often feel anxious 5 K loss of appetite indigestion 10 L the poor quality of sleep dream 5 M decreased immunity the one on the Spring and Autumn influenza illness often 5 N fat leg edema aching legs tired easily 5 O phenomenon often leg cramps soreness or numbness of the limbs 5 Test results 1 0 20 minutes Congratulations good health please continue 2 21 40 minutes need to pay attention you have been a small amount of toxin accumulation in vivo need to start a detoxification 3 41 60 min accumulation of toxins in your body has been more serious detoxification must be put on the agenda 4 score more than 60 minutes your body already has a very large number of toxin accumulation if not immediately clear it may lead to other adverse symptoms

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The basics of beauty products

If you’re not a regular makeup wearer or you’re just learning to use makeup, the terms and uses of beauty products might be a bit confusing. What exactly is the difference between lipstick and lip stain? Why do we need eyeliner? These questions and more are ones that all novice makeup wearers face. However, learning to use and apply makeup properly can be a fun and rewarding experience. The purpose of this article to describe some of the more basic beauty products and how to use them properly.


Face: The most basic beauty product that most women use is face makeup. This is usually referred to as “base” or “foundation”. From there, there are two basic types of foundation: powder and liquid. Which one is best for you? That all depends on your preference, skin type, and how long you want your foundation to stay on. For example, if you have oily skin, a mineral-based powder might be best. If you’re looking for more coverage, a liquid might be a better choice. Liquid foundations are applied using either your fingers or a cosmetic sponge while powders are normally applied using a brush or cosmetic puff.
Eyes: The basic tools of the eye makeup arsenal are eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Eye shadow gives the face more color and draws attention to the eyes. Most women like to find a shade that enhances their eye color. Liner turns up the volume on this effect by defining the eyes even further. Finally, mascara adds texture and volume to eyelashes as a finishing touch. Again, preference between beauty products here also has to do with personal choice. A liquid liner makes eyes appear more defined but is trickier than a standard eye pencil to use. Shadows typically come in powder, but some women prefer crème. And there are as many mascara choices (lengthening, waterproof, thickening) as there are brands! Choose one that best suits your needs.
Lips: If you only take the time to master one beauty product, those intended for your lips is where you can’t go wrong. Lipstick is the most basic of all makeup products for the lip. Sometimes slightly waxy in texture, it adds color and definition to your smile. If you prefer something lighter, lip gloss may be more ideal. Gloss helps lips look fuller and adds just a hint of color. Lip stain serves the same purpose as lipstick but is longer wearing. Finally, lip liner – available usually in pencil form – helps bring out lips’ contours and should always be used in conjunction with a lipstick.



Check out to get your free 30-day trial of our favorite makeup collection. Try it now and receive a free video that reveals the number one secret to applying beauty products!


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