What was in the news yesterday was about how the meat and chicken are contaminated with bacterias.  Pylobacter(which is responsible for producing ulcers), e-coli, staph (which causes sepsis and is highly dangerous and life threatening), and even MRSA, which is anti-biotic resistant staph germs.  How are they getting in the meat?  Did you know about 2/3 of the meat produced in the U.S. has rBGH (growth hormones) in it, and because of what the growth hormones do to the cows, they also have to give them anti-biotics.  Bacteria are getting resistant to anti-biotics, and turning into Killer Bacteria which is getting hard to stop.  Also, cows are meant to eat grass, as they have more than one stomach to process it.  Cows are being fed corn and soy and, how much of it is GMO (altered, gernetically modified)?  The more we get away from the natural way of doing things, which is God’s way…the more trouble we are creating.  The European Union does not give rBGH to their cows, and they have a ban on the import of U.S. Beef.  The healthiest thing you can do for yourself and your children and family is to avoid buying meat and poultry that has hormones and anti-biotics in them.  For an indepth look at having a healthy diet and why you should avoid these types of foods, visit